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Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships PROGRAMME

Inspiring Teaching and Learning

Creative Partnerships provide the tools to help nurture and develop both the child’s and the adult’s creative skills, making a positive impact on their capacity to learn and grow … and keep learning throughout life.

Why initiate a Creative Partnership?


Our aim for our partnerships is to help you to make positive change on the educational journey of your learners and teachers, whether it is through working with young people directly or offering professional development for educators, practitioners or artists.

By initiating a Creative Partnership you are showing a commitment to improve and a willingness to adapt new practices for the benefit of current and future learners and educators. Our partnership might start with professional development activity for staff and build to multiple year experiences as our relationship grows. Whatever your approach, BB娱乐平台登录 will construct a programme that aligns your work with the drivers for societal, educational and economic success in the 21st century.

Evidence has shown that Creative Partnerships encourage enjoyment of and engagement with learning, leading to wider educational benefits such as improved attendance, increased motivation as well as positive impacts on well-being, citizenship and building work-related skills.

About Creative Partnerships


Since its inception, the Creative Partnerships programme has influenced more than a million children, 90,000 teachers and is currently running in over 1,000 schools and communities globally. It is a celebrated and award-winning programme for bringing the arts, creativity and creative learning into the classroom, curriculum, cities and communities around the world.

Using the power of creativity, these partnerships empower young people and the adults in their lives to imagine and question how the world can be improved, giving them the capability to solve individual and collective problems, to create and innovate and to build confidence and a positive attitude towards their future learning and lives.


schools and communities are participating in the Creative Partnerships programme globally


children worldwide have taken part in a BB娱乐平台登录 creative learning programme


Who are Creative Partnerships for?


Every Creative Partnership is different, tailored to the aspirations of individual communities of learners and settings and designed to best fit educational or societal ambitions and goals.

Creative Partnerships work in virtually any setting – from a single classroom to as many as 500 schools across a nation or region. We have experience working with the very youngest of learners and at every stage of development, as well as with teachers, youth workers and artists in support of their lifelong learning and professional development too.

The Creative Partnerships initiative has had particular success working with children and young people from disadvantaged areas and those who face complex and multiple challenges and barriers to realising their potential.

BB娱乐平台登录 has transformed the student's experiences of schooling and has provided them with an opportunity to be imaginative, inventive and inquisitive.”

Seema Aziz, Founder of CARE Pakistan

“The day after the course I found myself being more creative without even thinking about it. It was quite startling. The ideas just popped out.”

Teacher, Mesaieed International School, Qatar

Want to get involved?


Get in touch now and we will be happy to chat about how a BB娱乐平台登录 partnership can help you and your learners prepare for the best choices and chances in life.